Korean Drama 2016: [tvN] CINDERELLA And FOUR KNIGHTS

Episode: 16 (on going)

Genre: Comedy, romance


Did you ever watch BBF (boys before flowers a.k.a boys over flowers) or Meteor Garden? Just like those, this drama tell about the story between a poor girl and the rich men. Eun Ha Won (act. Park So Dam) is a poor girl, she has a step-mom and step-sister that upstag her like a maid in her house. Her father has a long distance work, as a truck driver. She must doing some part time jobs to earn money for her tuition after she will have graduated by the end of that month. But, she find out that her mom’s thrown’s fees hasn’t payed yet. So she use her tuition fund for paying it first.

While she earned money to fill in her tuition, she met Kang Hyun Min (act. Ahn Jae Hyun) ❤ . It was when she deliver pizza order to a bar. Kang Hyun Min is one of Kang’s Siblings. The heirs of a great chaebol that live in the palace namely Haneul house (Sky House). Kang Hyun Min interested of her by their first meeting, and wanna take her to his grand dad’s wedding. That’s how they meet.

In the other side, Ha Won met Kang Ji Woon (act. Jung Il Woo) ☺, another Kang’s Siblings. She met him at first when he help a lady from a robber, and the next meeting was in the mini market which she work on, and then she meet him in his grand dad’s wedding as Hyun Min’s fiance.

And the last member of Kang’s Sibling is Kang Seo Woo, as his real life, CNBlue Lee Jungshin ☆ acted as a singer with playing a guitar. He has just seen Eun Ha Won in his grand dad’s wedding.

The last Knight is Lee Yoon Sung (act. Choi Min), is their grand dad’s (chairman) secretary, who help Ha Won for any matter. The real knight, I think hahaha.

In the wedding party, she got their grand dad’s attention by her deed to Hyun Min. It was when Hyun Min would to ruin his grand dad’s wedding party by introducing Ha Won as his fiance. Eun ha won didn’t settle to his words and wanna make him apologize that to his grand dad. By looking at that, his grand dad felt need her to build up his grandchilds’s behaviour, as he know that Ha Won have a good manner. That so he hired her to help his grand child and took her to live in Haneul House.

Ha Won accept his request to live in haneul chip and put down as a part time job. She will get a bonus by completing a mission.

This drama will let you fantasize a chance to be a cinderella, who can acquaint with a rich man if you have a good manner and attractive personality. Hahaha ☻ enjoy!

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Episode: 20 (on-going)

First aired: August 29, 2016

Genre: Historical, Time traveler, Comedy romace, Thriller, Empire




I’ve waited for a loooong time to watch this drama J, Jong Hyun (jjongah :P) Y Nam  Joo Hyuk (since School ’15, then Cheese in the trap) and then baekhyunee kyaaa~~~. This drama become more interesting because IU and Kang Haneul there and Jisoo too. Of course I love Joon Gi.

The story began when the girl who has a terrific problem in her life was going to drunk while she complaining about her matter with a homeless person beside the park’s lake. Suddenly, a boy has just fallen to the water, so she doesn’t wanna put her hand on that, but she can’t. She jump and rescue the boy, but she get sink. At that time, it was a solar eclipse. She thought she was died, she just accept that as she think that it is real, as how terrific her problem is. But she, Ko Hajin just get out from that water and see around as a beatuful and different place, ‘ah, I’ve dead already’. But when another recognize her and call her with a different name, she realize that she has moved to another century, Goryeo dinasty as Hae soo.

The first time she know the irrational thing has happened to her, she couldn’t accept the reality. She just have a mental break down. But then, a man approach her, and tell her that he will help and take after her life, she hold his hand and approve his offer(?). He is 8th prince, who has married to her cousin. And she live in their house. As she lives around palace, and her accidental meeting with the princes, she easily meet the king’s family. They consider her just as a common girl than 8th prince’s cousin in law. Till she punch 10th prince’s head, then they (except 3rd prince) see her as an attractive girl. Especially for 10th prince. In the other side, 8th prince already have a feeling to her, but he cover up his feeling for his sick wife.

In the other side, the 4th prince have just arrived to the palace, as he addopted by another royal family. He feels sore for a long time, since her mother wound his face then be a permanent scars around his left eyes. That was when the king wanna got married again, and the queen refuse that demand, she treaten the king that she would kill the 4th prince with her knife, but accidentally (I think) it wound the prince’s face. Then the prince addopted out the palace, and come back for a long time with his predicate as a ‘wolf’. He’s a creeping wild prince. Bad figure for common folks. But no for Hae soo. Ok, she got a fear to him when he gonna kill her at one time. Then she just realized that this guy has a deep pain in his heart, that so his behaviour getting worse.

Just enjoy it! Hahah~ I keep watching this drama! Stay tune!



  • – Lee Joon Gi as 4th prince

Born on 17 april 1982 (instagram: @actor_jg)


  • – Lee Ji Eun (IU) as Ko Ha-Jin (future 21th century)/Hae Soo (Goryeo dinasty)

Born on 16 may 1993 (instagram: @dlwlrma)


  • – Kang Ha Neul as 8th prince

Born on 21 February 1990 (instagram: @galpos3


  • – Hong Jong Hyun as 3rd prince

Born on 2 February 1990 (instagram: @hjonghyun)


  • – Yoon Sun Woo as 9th prince


  • – Byun Baek Hyun (EXO) as 10th prince

Born on 6 May 1992 (instagram: @baekhyunee_exo)


  • – Nam Joo Hyuk as 13th prince

Born on 22 February 1994 (instagram: @skawngur)


  • – Ji Soo as 14th prince

Born on 30 March 1993 (instagram: @actor_jisoo)


Drama Korea 2016: [MBC] Marriage Contract

Episode: 16
Genre: Romance, mellow

Han Jihoon is chaebol’s (the wealthy) mistrees’s son. His mom has a trouble with her liver, so he must get a surgical transplantation as soon as possible. Jihoon’s liver didn’t compatible and his mom need to transplantated soon, so he couldn’t wait for a donor. Thereby, he’s hiring anyone who can donor and take her to be his wife, illegally. It’s because of the regulation that didn’t accept any donor unofficial except in a family relation.
Han Jihoon meet Kang Hyesoo in a car ‘accident’ in front of his restaurant “The Promise”. Both of them got a nasty trace in their first meeting, Han Jihoon, Kang Hyesoo and Kang Hyesoo’s daughter, Eunsung.
Kang hyesoo was take her CV for JiHoon’s restaurant. And she has hired at there to be a sous chef. She didn’t know that The Promise is JiHoon’s restaurant. And she just know that at the night when JiHoon discussed with the manager about his plan to get a donor with marriage. So she just said that she wanna be one of them, to be hired. And then for a long processes, he marry her with a contract.
There, the story begin. The fake marriage become hard for Han Ji Hoon at the time when the donor-legal-inspector ask them to make a meeting with both of his family. And the problem is Han JiHoon need to be close to Eunsung firs. And it’s going so hard that Eunsung already hate him. But by the time, they become close. Then when eunsung just like this man to be her new dad, this fake marriage is found out by Han Jihoon’s father. Hyesoo doesn’t want to make him more difficult, as she know she predicted to be die for soon because of her brain tumor. But Jihoon is already love her and wanna be her husband. And theeen—- as they try so hard, his mom get surgery by Jihoon’s uncle, because Hyesoo unable to give a donor (the fake marriage has found out), and hyesoo’s disease become in more serious condition, but Jihoon always be their side.

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Korean Drama 2016: [KBS] Uncontrollably Fond

Episode: 20 (end)
Genre: Romance, Melodrama

This drama is one of drama which I’ve waited for months like ‘Scarlet Heart Ryeo’, ‘W-Two Worlds’ and ‘D.O.T.S’, but I don’t know why this drama never make me so anxious for the next episode, as DOTS. Hmm~ I like those, but not as excited as predicted.
Just a common stories, about person who nearly die—and always for 3 months, why? Because one season drama is 3 months haha—and decide to take a revenge for his girl’s problem.
Shin Joon Young is a hallyu star who has predicted will be die for 3 months later by brain tumor and he keep it as a secret. As soon as he know about his life, he meet his old friend, his ex-girlfriend Noh Eul. Noh Eul’s dad passed away because of an accident. It was a car accident, she saw the girl who drove that red car. But when this case handled by the police, the driver has changed, become a man, and admitted as suspected person. She told to the police that she saw the driver and he’s not the driver. But that evidence was neglected. So she dig it up, and found that a great prosecutor behind this case, Mr Choi. In the other side, at that time young Joon Young just had found that Mr Choi is his father. Then, when Noh Eul wanna threat him, naturally as his son, he ruined her plan. So at this chance, the only chance he can pay his fault in the past to Noh Eul by take this revenge. He make a new evidence by approaching Mr Choi’s daughter in law (wanna be), and ruined her engagement till she fallin to him. And then make her speak up about that accident.
In the end, JoonYoung spent his last breath with his beloved people, lived in the house which he build to live with Noh Eul end passed away just beside her.
Hope you will enjoy!

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Korean Drama 2016: [MBC] W-TWO WORLDS



First Aired: 20 july 2016

Episodes: 16 (on going)

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Thriller,


OMG! I really enjoyed to watch this drama. First thing I thought when saw Lee Jongsuk in this drama is ‘why is he just starring a great and amazing man?’. I remember how he caught my heartbeat when he was on ‘I can hear your voice’, ‘pinocchio’, and a little part in ‘secret garden’. I have waited for months since the news that said he take a role for MBC Drama released.

The story is about love story from two world. First world is the real world which Oh YeonJoo has been living on. Oh Yeon Joo is a doctor. Oh seong moo is her dad, he is a webtoon creator and writer, he have been doing his amazing serial about the guy with a painful past which has been making him a great man, this webtoon entitled as ‘W’. The webtoon has been greatly achieved for many people around Korea. But in the other side, Oh Seongmoo has been in a pain for a long time since he want to end the serial by killing Kang Chul, the lead character in W. He drew Kang Chul was doing suicide and sank in the Han River. But in the morning, he saw Kan chul drawn holding in the river’s hedge. As the time passed by, that case often occurred then he realized that Kang chul is alive and able to reject the story he drawn.

The second world is Kang Chul’s world. Oh seong moo have been realize its existence as soon as he know that Kang Chul is alive. But then Oh Yeon Joo grabbed by Kang Chul when he injured. That was the first time she entered Kang Chul’s world. Complicated stories appear and drawn in the Kang Chul’s story since he met Yeon Joo. The story became different, from thriller to the romance webtoon. Some character almost disappear because that character haven’t role in Kang Chul’s story anymore. So Kang Chul asked Yeon Joo to draw that the time since they first meet in here, the rooftop of his hotel, until that current time was just a dream. As long as he asked that, he jump from there and Yeon Joo dragged to her world.

So then Yeon Joo do Kang Chul’s order. He don’t remember even just a little part about Oh Yeon Joo. Kang Chul’s time is back to the time when he injured. But incidentally, Oh Yeon Joo dragged to his world for many times. It makes Yeon Joo sore deeper as he know that Kang Chul don’t remember her even when she told him about ‘the man than ever loved her before and just disappeared after done 4 romance thing, just four’. The story is going more complicated, people killed by the killer from Kang Chul’s world. I still don’t know why and how he can easily go through all worlds. He can even stole Oh Seung moo’s face and go to Yeon Joo’s world to kidnapp her.

I really recommend this drama to you. Do you like romance? Thriller? Mystery? Comedy? Action? And flower boys? Stay tune to this ^3^

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First aired: 24 August 2016 (ON-GOING)

Genre: Romance, comedy, family

The story is telling about a lady who has worked as weather forecast presenter in the slot time 7 SBC’s News, Pyo Nari. She had starred on many drama which I liked so much, such as ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’, ‘Pasta’, ‘Master Sun’ and many other. This skinny girl has done one sided love to news presenter, Lee Hwasin. But, this guy just think about how she touch him, he think that she still have a desire too him. In the other side, Nari just wanna make sure if he don’t have a breast cancer like her mom and her grandmom.

This drama is really incredibly funny. I enjoy it because the guy had starred in ‘Oh my ghostess’ so I think he will act as he done on that drama. And tararaaraaa~ I love it. I’m loving it. Jealousy Incarnate is recommended for you. Enjoy!




Episodes: 20 -end
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Family

Just a common conflict that I had watched before. The guy with a luxurious background, but has been lost for a long time, and the guy with a traumatical past so he didn’t remember who he is. Meet a girl with a ordinary life but fallin’ love to her because of her personality. Accidentally, he meet his relative (man) who also doesn’t know that he is his relative. And triangle love conflict beside his problem to remember his identity.
Yeah, this drama doesn’t serve a supprising moment. I can predict exactly what will appear in the next episode. But, this drama can entertain you for some jokes by their behaviour and fool acts.

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